Colleen Sullivan

is a Canadian Artist living on

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Colleen was born in Toronto and has been drawing and painting since she was three years old. She has clear memories of nursery school, large bright windows and big wooden easels with colourful paint. Her mother kept her supplied with crayons and scrapbooks which she filled with pictures of people. Colleen continued to draw and paint throughout her elementary and high school years. Colleen's art teacher Tina Addinall encouraged her to pursue art at the post-secondary level. 


Colleen holds an Honours B.A in Studio Art from University of Toronto and a Diploma in Art and Art History from Sheridan College. She received her Bachelor of Education in Junior/Intermediate with Visual Arts from the University of Toronto. Colleen taught elementary school in Ontario for 26 years as a specialist Art teacher and homeroom teacher for Kindergarten to Grade 8.


After retirement, Colleen and her husband Ian moved to the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC. She has been involved with local arts groups and councils. Colleen has a dedicated Studio practice in digital and mixed media. She also is an avid fan of Social Media. You can follow her work on Instagram @pulseofmyheartstudio and @colleensullivanfineart


"I Needed to Lose You To Find Me" (Pop Music Series), Oil Pastel.

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