Artist Statement

I’ve been drawing and painting since I was three years old. I have always been a keen observer of the world around me. I have what some would call a photographic memory for events and details of people. I can recall the way a person walks after seeing them once. I remember conversations going back to childhood. 


My mixed media and digital paintings reflect my emotions, identity and personal experiences. I am inspired by the power of music and the persistence of memories. I use bold colours, interesting textures and a variety of lines to create exciting, repetitive patterns and rhythmic compositions. I often incorporate pieces from artworks in my archives. I will cut up drawings, paintings and prints and add bits to my mixed media collages. I also may add photocopied pictures or words from my albums, yearbooks and diaries.


My digital artworks are created using Procreate for iPad Pro. When I pick up my Apple Pencil and touch it to the iPad I feel like I'm entering the world of my imagination. The process is very intuitive and so different from my mixed media work. I like the contrast and variety of the two extremes. It's energizing and motivating!


The process of creating art brings me joy and fulfillment. Colour, line and texture are the elements of design that I am most preoccupied with. I listen to music while working and many of my artworks refer to songs that have influenced my life. My favourite quote is from the American poet, Mary Oliver: "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" I plan to tell my own stories and create art inspired by the persistence of memories and the power of music.