My Portfolio 

“In My Head” (COVID-19 Series), 14/19. I

I have carried an art portfolio around

since I was in Grade 9.

In my mind, my portfolio has been

sacred. It's been my constant

companion, protecting and hiding my 

ideas, my hopes and dreams and also

my fears. 

I have chosen to share three

groups of artworks from my

art portfolio.

The Dear Diary Series was

created for #the100dayproject

on Instagram. My sense of

humour and youthful

preoccupations are front and

centre in these tiny mixed

media collages.

The Pop Music Series was an

exploration of abstract

expressionist techniques. I took

on a "go with the flow" attitude

and focused on interpreting

the meaning in the songs that I 

listened to.

The Digital Artworks have been chosen

from several recent Series. I've been enjoying

creating paintings using Procreate for iPad Pro.

Music provides the inspiration for these artworks.

I continue to explore new ways of using bold colours, interesting lines and a variety of textures. 

"In My Head" (COVID-19 Series) Digital Painting. Inspiration: The 2019 single by Ontario Singer/Songwriter, Ryland James. This artwork is dedicated to everyone who is thinking of friends and loved ones that they can't see in person, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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